The Fix

Audition Description


Knock And Run Theatre is excited to announce open auditions for the world premiere production of THE FIX by Dez Robertson.

“How do you justify the unjustifiable? To convince yourself that a decision, so extreme, so final, makes perfect sense? Do the solutions - the fixes - we devise in our darkest moments have to make sense to anyone but you? The Fix poses these very question, as two complete strangers find themselves trapped together on the rooftop of a high-rise.

Directed by Angela McQn and Dez Robertson, The Fix is a gritty black comedy/drama that highlights issues that are both confronting and heart-breaking as each man grapples with their own inner demons, family conflicts and ghosts from the past that have determined the directions they have each taken in life. It soon becomes clear that, while they are very different people, their stories are not so different.”

THE FIX will be staged at The Royal Exchange, October 25th-28th with rehearsals taking place in July-October. The script will be workshopped with the actors.

We are looking for two dedicated actors to fill the following roles:

THE GUARD- MaleAge: 25 – 35 years-oldSocial status: Low income, basic education, socially awkward.Appearance: Unkempt and poorly dressed. A smoker. Unfit with poor posture.Demeanor: No enthusiasm for anything other than his phone. His arrogance, sarcasm and faux-confidence mask his deep insecurities. Belligerent when pressed for information or if he feels he's being spoken down to. Morbidly curious.

THE MAN- MaleAge: 45 – 55 years-oldHeight: Not important.Social status: Middle-class, educated, a family man.Appearance: Well dressed in business suit, but slightly disheveled when he first appears. Well groomed (beard optional).Demeanor: Cold, untrusting and dismissive at first. Feels superior to the guard. Frustrated, anxious and confused about how he should feel.

Auditions will take place in half hour intervals on Saturday 20th May. To book your audition, please email