Auditions - NTC's Inherit the Wind

Audition Description

Inherit the Wind by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. LeeDirected by Pearl NunnPlaying August 26th - September 9thA compelling court room drama of science vs religion, set in a small town in the heart of the American South. CharactersMatthew Harrison Brady (Male, 60 years old) The prosecuting attorney. A talented orator and an experienced politician. Defender of fundamentalism and a self-proclaimed expert on the Bible. Pompous and self-righteous.Mrs. Brady (Female, 50-60)Happily lives in the shadow of her spouse, watching over their health and diet.Henry Drummond (Male or female, 60 years old)The defense attorney engaged by the Baltimore Herald for Cates. Drummond is sophisticated, charming, and idealistic. A defender of the freedom of thought and "the right to be wrong."Judge (Male, 40-70)The judge in Cates' trial. Tries to remain impartial in spite of personal fundamental religious beliefs.E.K. Hornbeck (Male or female, mid 30s)A newspaper columnist for the Baltimore Herald who is sent to Hillsboro to cover Cates' trial. Is mocking of Brady, fundamentalist beliefs and the people of Hillsboro for their ignorant views about evolution.Bertram Cates (Male, 24)The defendant in the trial. A quiet, modest science teacher who has been arrested for teaching evolution to his sophomore science class.Reverend Jeremiah Brown (Male, 50-70)A fundamentalist preacher. As the spiritual leader of Hillsboro, he zealously believes in the literal interpretation of the Bible and is cruel and controlling.Rachel Brown (Female, 22)A second-grade schoolteacher who is the daughter of Reverend Jeremiah Brown and a close friend/possible love interest of Bertram Cates. Meeker (Male or female, 40-70)The bailiff at the Hillsboro courthouse for many years. Nonjudgmental and kind to Cates.Mayor (Male, 50-70)The mayor of Hillsboro. Gives a speech welcoming Brady to town and gives Brady the title of Honorary Colonel in the State Militia.Tom Davenport (Male or female, 25-40)District Attorney who assists Brady during the trial.There are 6 additional roles available for the ‘townspeople’. Please advise if you would be happy to be cast in one of these roles which completes the ensemble. The cast will need to be able to display a depth of emotion and comic timing. An attempt at a Southern accent will also be required at the audition (although further coaching will be integrated as part of the rehearsal process), as will a short display of call and response singing to ensure that you can carry a simple tune. All of the ages are an approximate playing age which is to the discretion of the actor and director. Auditions will be held at NTC on Monday 13th March, 6-9pm, Saturday 18th March, 10am-1pm and Sunday 19th March, 1pm-4pm. Auditions will be 20 mins. If interested please contact Vivien Jones by phone/email at NTC (as seen below) or email for an audition pack including audition and production information, a copy of the play, greater character detail, rehearsal times etc.

Audition dates

  • 13th Mar – 19th Mar