TheatreNewcastle was born out of the collective passions of Marty Adnum with his team at Out of the Square Media and Rachelle Schmidt Adnum, owner and principal teacher of The Voice Studio, actor, singer and thespian. Rachelle’s commitment and enthusiasm for theatre in Newcastle and Marty’s foresight, vision and zeal for all things ‘Newcastle’ led them to develop this initiative to create a collective voice for the Newcastle theatre community and, for audiences, a one-stop theatre hub.

Did you know? In Newcastle and the Hunter, there are:

·      Over 30 theatre venues

·      Over 40 local companies

·      Over 70 local productions each year (not to mention all the touring companies and artists)

·      Over 1000 local actors, musicians and artists

TheatreNewcastle brings all of this together in one place!

It’s easy! TheatreNewcastle is a simple, functional tool that connects the wider audiences to theatrical events and experiences in Newcastle and the Hunter region. The calendar and show guide provide a straightforward means of navigating what’s on and what’s coming up. All of the relevant event information is at your fingertips; cast, production team, company, venue, dates and times, ticketing links, synopsis.

TheatreNewcastle is designed to promote all theatre, all companies and all theatre personnel within the industry and community in Newcastle and the Hunter. It will endeavour to support and elevate the profile of the many inspiring and creative works that are seen every year in the local region. It is a collective voice for the theatre identity to be generally promoted online, in print and on television to give the wider community a gateway to theatrical entertainment in the region. It is also a portal to all existing venue, company and individual infrastructures. Within the industry, it will also provide a valuable resource and database of actors and artists, theatre administrators, venues, companies and talent recruitment.

TheatreNewcastle aims to unite the theatre community as combined creative resulting in a stronger shared presence in the entertainment marketplace.